Aviation enthusiasts, get ready for the future. Supersonic flight is coming to a plane near you and it’s going to change everything.

The Concorde was once the fastest way to fly but since its retirement in 2003, commercial flights have been limited to subsonic speeds. Supersonic air travel will revolutionize the way we fly and this is big news for those who love aviation, the future of travel, and are looking forward to an era of faster travel times!

Ready or not, here comes the Boom!

Supersonic flights are the future. The ability to cover long distances in a short amount of time is appealing for people…

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My social media feeds have been blowing up since they first announced the Floyd Mayweather/Logan Paul fight. You can’t help but wonder how many people have an opinion.

If you were raised watching the sport, or its forefathers Hunter and Ali, then calling this event a ‘real’ fight is a stretch. Anyone who’s watched boxing in the last 20 years knows that boxing is a different sport than it used to be.

Most boxers now rely on their image and personality as much as they do on actual fighting skills, which can lead to some pretty entertaining moments when the…

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In school, all of my English teachers hated the way I wrote.

Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. They disliked the timing in which I submitted my writing assignments.

The truth is they’d have given me an “A” if it had been in on time. The other letter grades they would’ve issued me were just reflections of how many days late I was with things.

I didn’t get it then, but I had a little natural raw writing ability and wished I’d known then. I wish I would’ve saved those papers I wrote back then. I wish I would’ve been more aware of life in general.

I’ve always viewed life as…

What It Was Like to Start a Business At Age 20


I have gotten to this point before. Staring at a busy computer screen after hours of work, I had finally reached the moment where you shift from the planning phase to implementation. After a few keystrokes and entering my credit card info, the State of Florida graciously accepted my funds and established my business.

This was my first incorporation. Since the establishment of my first business adventure at age 20 I had remained in the land of the solo entrepreneur, also known as, the sole proprietor.

To me, I had felt like I had stepped up to the big leagues

Like a Tim Tebow, out to prove himself in this game of business chess…

Hindsight is 20/20 and having a do-over button in life would be fantastic.

I’ve had more than a few moments I wish I could go back and do over again. When writing, I can use my delete button anytime I want. In life, I’ve come to understand, I have to take the lessons I’ve learned, from the mistakes I’ve made, and commit to making better decisions next time.

One of those times would be at the very beginning of my “entrepreneurial” journey and it would change the singular point of my focus: money.

Isn’t money the whole reason we choose to start a business? One would logically think that.

Hard reality taught me…

How to Act Fast and Learn Quickly From Missteps


In the new world of online tech and ability, I didn’t think the culmination of my journey as an aspiring entrepreneur, would amount to referencing an old Nike slogan as life advice.

The funny thing is, as a kid growing up in the late ’80s, I never really understood the deeper meaning. Sure, I knew it meant to get up and go and do. Amped up from binge listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, I’m damn sure pumped up and ready to do it! Whatever it is! Let’s roll!

But “why” was something that hadn’t occurred to me at the time. Why…

How I’m Adapting to Rapid Learning and the Future


I’m a Lifetime Learner

If you have spent any time reading articles or books about what it takes to become successful, the two words above are on every list. Nothing in our world is static. At some point, everything changes.

To progress and become better, we must learn from our past to help make calculated decisions about how to survive in the future. Over the last 150 years, humanity has seen all sorts of technology come to life, and then it becomes our crutch.

Technology has made life more simple for a lot of people, but has it made us too simple?

Paul Cercy

Girl Dad| Content & Copywriter| Axe Throwing Coach| Adventurer

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